Coaching is an action-oriented, future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. It focuses on awakening the resourcefulness and creativity of clients. Life, business or executive coaches use questions in a skillful manner to help their clients to become more resourceful in how they deal with present and future situations. Through coaching, clients develop new capabilities, opportunities and skills.

How is Coaching Different Than Therapy?

Sometimes people us the words coaching, therapy, mentoring and consulting interchangeably. Although there are many similarities, the processes and outcomes are quite different. Therapy deals most often with the past, so that a patient can exist more fully in the present. Mentors share knowledge and experience. Consultants are hired for their skill and experience. Consultants are hired for their skill and experience; they give specific advice and often teach their clients how to do a process or task. The focus on attaining one's potential is what sets coaching apart from therapy, mentoring and consulting. In coaching, the coach and client work together as a team to focus on what is working in order to build upon success.

Meet Coach John Sweetnam

Why Hire a Coach?

Clients hire coaches to:

  • Be more purposeful
  • Be more successful
  • Be happier
  • Be more decisive
  • Have more income
  • Have more simplicity
  • Have more balance
  • Have less stress, illness or self-doubt
  • Move away from high staff turnover
  • Move away from delayed projects resulting from team conflict
Regardless of the specifics, clients hire coaches to help them become more resourceful and insightful about why they are where they are and how to move forward.

Meet Coach Barb Pierce

Hear from Coach John and Coach Barb

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