Ep. 8. Empathy ~ You’re Enough, Perspectives

Ep. 7. Energy ~ Staying Positive, Perspectives
June 10, 2016
Ep. 9. The Exquisiteness of Choice, Perspectives
June 30, 2016

:43 Confusing empathy with sympathy

Sympathy quote

2:28 A genuine gift of love.
It takes courage to be in empathy with someone as they are going down into a challenge state.

It’s very human to go into challenge state and empathy is not ever easy. It doesn’t deny the pain is there.

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4:16 Why we try to fix it.
When we try to fix someone’s pain, we may think we are trying to save them time. What is often happening is we are feeling, ‘I’m not prepared, I’m too vulnerable because all my own fears are exposed in this situation.”

It’s a unique gift to have the courage to just be with someone and say ‘you’re not alone, you are loved, you are okay, you’re enough” and be at peace with the world as it is in that moment.

6:14 Peace with the world as it is

7:03 The challenge of empathy
Our own humanness.

7:45 How to bring courage for resilience
How we can build up stamina to go into pain and have that inner, innate wisdom to know we can and there will be a place to step out again.

9:23 Our humanity within builds our resistance over time
It doesn’t feel like courage in the moment it happens.

10:25 Building a highway between our head and heart
Have more energy and willingness to risk trying the new, beyond what we thought was possible.

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The power of empathy is the resilience that comes when people know they are not going to be alone.

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