Our Coaching

We help you develop new capabilities, opportunities and skills.

Our method of coaching is an action-oriented, future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals.

It focuses on awakening the resourcefulness and creativity of clients. Life, business or executive coaches use questions in a skillful manner to help their clients to become more resourceful in how they deal with present and future situations.

How is Coaching
Different Than Therapy?

Sometimes people use the words coaching, therapy, mentoring and consulting interchangeably. Although there are many similarities, the processes and outcomes are quite different. Therapy deals most often with the past, so that a patient can exist more fully in the present. Mentors share knowledge and experience.

Consultants are hired for their skill and experience. Consultants are hired for their skill and experience; they give specific advice and often teach their clients how to do a process or task.

The focus on attaining one’s fullest potential is what sets coaching apart from therapy, mentoring and consulting. In coaching, the coach and client partner together as a team to bring clarity to any challenge, provide multiple choices and to build more successful outcomes.

Great coaching is a partnership that allows clients to be present with and own their own experience.  In the simplest terms coaching is clarity over drama in all aspects of our lives.

Why Hire a Coach?

  • Be more purposeful
  • Be more successful
  • Be happier
  • Be more decisive
  • Have more income
  • Have more simplicity
  • Have more balance
  • Have less stress, illness or self-doubt
  • Move away from high staff turnover
  • Move away from delayed projects resulting from team conflict

Regardless of the specifics, clients hire coaches to help them become more resourceful and insightful about why they are where they are and how to move forward.

John Sweetnam

Certified Executive Coach PCC, Founder and Principle Partner, Coaching Navigator

613-836-1215 x 5

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John is the principal coach and president of Coaching Navigator, a business strategy and coaching organization designed to help leaders and entrepreneurs successfully navigate their personal and professional lives.

John has coached, mentored and guided individuals to reveal their own authentic personal breakthroughs for over a decade. This leaves clients to achieve extraordinary results in times of fast paced change in varied cultural environments and generational groups. John has enjoyed many forms of learning and discovery by undertaking both personal and professional studies to enhance and build his fulfilling life and holds a degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria.

He is an accredited PCC coach with the International Coaching Federation. He is a master trainer of NLP and has undertaken teaching such as Huna, shamic journey and time line therapy. John has been director of The Wright Learning Centre since 1997 where he and his partners have shared the learning journey of communication and wellness.

John is the father of four, with 40 years of successful business experience and 20 years of coach training experience. He owns and operates four successful enterprises in Canada is the founding Director of NLP Partners and has been a trainer for 15 years
John has been an Entrepreneur for over 40 years owning 3 successful companies, he proudly has a family of 4 children and 6 grandchildren .

John has been coaching since 2001, he is a master trainer and facilitator of NLP and also PCC level ICF approved.

John has continued his Coach certification training and had been certified as a team coach by the Global Team Coaching Institute and Accelerating Coaching Excellence .

John’s specialized facilitation supports the leader as a coach by delivering an enhanced model of leadership that is centered around people ,team and family, the ROI with increased profits comes from the enriched environment of employee engagement and contribution and sustains employee retention.
John’s passion for coaching and his give back to the profession is to ‘mentor new coaches’ in their personal and professional development . Coach john has generously shared his skills with leaders of Not for Profits to support the Ottawa community and beyond . Coach John’s clients connect from San Diego to Zurich via Zoom ,by phone and even facetime .

Special in -office meetings during covid-19 are available with enhanced safety protocols in effect !

Barb Pierce

Health & Wellness Coaching, Executive Coaching


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Barb helps business professionals become clear on their purpose, mission and vision. She helps them create and maintain clear action plans to achieve or exceed their goals. She will help you to see your behaviour patterns in a new light and facilitate the development of new patterns that will help you become more of who you really are. A former military engineering officer, Barb has been coaching since 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience as a manager, leader and project manager. She completed coach trainings with: Royal Roads University, Coaching Connections, B/Coach and John Overdurf. She is also a certified Master NLP practitioner, a certified hypnosis practitioner and a yoga teacher certified at the YTT 500 hour level.
My career began as a military engineering officer and project manager. I had good organizational skills, but less developed communications and self-awareness skills. I was known as the person who got things done…but I did not yet understand how to create environments built on strengths and positive relationships.

Then things changed.

I had the good fortune to work with a business coach in 1998. Through the process, I experienced a new way looking at my life and my approach to working with others. I learned a lot about who I was and who I wanted to be. It was humbling at times, but I made some significant changes that started me on the path of learning about coaching, mindfulness and other holistic approaches to change.

Mindful Leadership

Mindful leaders have exceptional awareness of themselves and those that they work with. They are grounded, present and are able to access their intuition for the benefit of the entire organization.

During our work together you will learn how to implement practical mindfulness techniques that will improve your focus and help you to make decision that are in alignment with your beliefs and values.
The Coach Approach to Leadership

Learn to engage in conversations that build loyalty, trust and connection

If you are ready to move up to the next level, the coach approach will offer you new ways of thinking and communicating that will result in more authentic conversations and deeper, more satisfying relationships.

You will learn how to pull yourself and others out of the “problem state” so you can start building on successes through conversations that build teams, resolve challenges and achieve results. You will also gain the confidence to gracefully

initiate, and follow through, with conversations that you previously may have avoided.

Why Coaching

Coaching is beneficial for those who are ready to move towards the next step with their lives, relationships and careers — and accomplish it with more peace and contentment than before. It is for people who have experienced other ways of operating and know that things can be easier.

Through a series of purposeful conversations, you are guided to find new ways of approaching challenges and goal setting by learning how to access holistic approaches to change. Although our discussions may be challenging, the changes will feel natural and satisfying to implement because they are in alignment with what is important to you and who you want to be.

Barb Pierce

Author Become a Coach Leader – One Conversation at a Time

Mike Wlotzki

Coaching / Business Development Professional


Mike honestly believes that each one of us, including him, needs a Coach in their lives, because that way we have someone to be there for us in our life’s journey, to guide and walk aside us to hold us accountable to reach our required goals. It just to hard and takes too much energy to do it alone.

With his coaching background and business/community experience he is honoured to assist individuals that wish to engage in their community.

Having been in the auto collision industry for over 30 years, Mike is a subject matter expert when it comes to collision costs and injuries. WE CARE FOCUS started because of that expertise but was temporarily shelved in 2006 when Mike became CEO of Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario till 2017. Mike combined his experience from two careers and revived WE CARE FOCUS Distracted Driving Online Safety Education and in the fall of 2020 CHC – Community Helping Community was created.

Now, starting in the 3rd chapter of his life, Mike is excited to share his life, community giving and business experiences with others that require assistance and guidance in their development of their goals.

Trained and certified in many self-development initiatives, Mike is willing to discuss with you and create a unique and customized program that will support and motivate your momentum in reaching you life’s goals.