Ep. 6. Exploration ~ Say Yes to life, Perspectives

Ep. 5. Practice ~ Stay in Process, Perspectives
May 21, 2016
Ep. 7. Energy ~ Staying Positive, Perspectives
June 10, 2016
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Ep. 6. Exploration ~ Say Yes to life, Perspectives

When we choose to focus on exploring the situation that is holding conflict energy for us, it brings new resources to our awareness. When we are stressed we often don’t see the new solutions that are useful. Staying curious as we move into exploration opens us to more experiences of saying “YES!” to our aliveness, to our life. When we close our minds and hearts to exploration, we can often move into comparison, judgement, blame or shame. These energies tend to increase conflict energy.

Have you been craving to say Yes to your life? Many people say they want more for their lives than they are presently experiencing. If this is you also, we’ve a solution that’s been working for us in our own lives and in our clients!

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Feeling ‘stuck’ is just a momentary lapse of knowing where to go. As we open to exploring we become naturally curious. With exploration, we become aware of the richness, of how much more there is, more than we even thought existed. It’s like that. How could we being accepting we are enough, have always been enough. Letting go of old stories and begin opening up to Yes to our aliveness, Yes to your life.

We share some ‘footsteps’ to walk in, to get started evolving conflict situations into higher level outcomes.
Watch for our ’emotional tune-up’ audio in the next few weeks. It’s designed to prepare you to approach conflict energy feeling calm, centered and resourceful.

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What results are staying open to life and curious changing for you?