Freedom of Forgiveness

Life’s Learning Opportunities and the Transformative Power of Self-Compassion
November 11, 2016
November 11, 2016


Imagine a fresh start, beginning with a breathing technique.


Imagine having more energy.

Feeling lighter in your movements, more engaged with your life, friends and family.


“Forgiveness leaves behind the heaviness of the past.”


Our challenges with relationship, career and financial situations dissolve as we become more aware and conscious of our ability to create new choices.

Dissolve? Yes, that is the felt sensations we experience in our bodies, as the tension that was held lets go. It feels like it dissolves, melts, evaporates. It simply leaves.


The sense of lightness that follows forgiveness feels like coming home.


Now we can respond to the many challenges of life from a different perspective. Forgiveness opens our ability to make new choices, free of past patterns.

Life takes on a totally new energetic vibration that is both enlivening and more heart-centered. This facilitates the qualities of gratitude, compassion, care and appreciation to show up. We love sharing this sense of freedom that forgiveness opens with you!



“Gratitude and compassion are the pathway to our heart’s own intelligence.”

“So, what can I do right now?”

When working through a situation, taking time to bring in the powerful healing energy of forgiveness.  It can open the way to more energy and fresh perspectives.


  • Here is a simple beginning step:

While reflecting on the situation, bring in an awareness of something you feel gratitude or compassion for.

Then begin forgiving yourself for any beliefs or misunderstandings of the situation.

This step is not about forgiving others, for it is ourselves that we can choose to change. We can choose our own freedom, with forgiving.

(Remember we often cannot see the whole picture of what is going on behind the dynamic.)

Notice any felt sensations in your body as you focus on gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. If there is any discomfort in these felt sensations move into this extended “square breath” technique for releasing discomfort and tension in your body.


  • Placing your hands on the area of discomfort,
  • Breathe in slowly to the count of 4,
  • Gently hold the in-breath for the count of four,
  • Then slowly release your out-breath for the count of 6-to-8 or more,   as slowly as you can,
  • Then gently hold the out breath, pause for a count of 4, and begin again.



Continue with your hands on the discomfort, bringing gratitude and compassion to mind, and working with your breathing technique until the discomfort sensations subside and dissolve.

Allow any emotions to flow through with the felt sensations, while gently holding focus on the gratitude and compassion in the heart.

Our body wisdom knows how to release the energy and restore a higher vibration, accessing the power of breath with gratitude and compassion.

Our hearts know how to bring us home to Self.


  • What’s next?

We often say “people are doing the best they can at their level of awareness and their availability to enriched skill sets.”


“People are doing the best they can…”


With our Letting Go Process and forgiveness approach, we go deeper with you into increasing awareness and creating access to enriched skill sets.

The provides a safe place that allows you to try on a new belief of what is possible. This happens naturally as we let go of old baggage brought to us by family, peers or others who have touched and influenced our lives.


You will experience how much of this baggage you have carried for so long is NOT even yours!

Letting go opens a safe space to become aware, with a renewed clarity and focus, of your highest purpose and vision you hold for yourself to be true today now!

With ongoing practice, you will anchor the feeling of peace and presence of mind within your heart, mind and body. It becomes a daily “go-to” skill.

Daily life feels renewed, with less stress and more peace!