Ep. 3. Gratitude ~ Our Gatekeeper, Perspectives

Ep. 2. Dissolve the conflict riddle, Perspectives
April 29, 2016
Ep. 4. Intention ~ Fear to Flow, Perspectives
May 13, 2016
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Ep. 3. Gratitude ~ Our Gatekeeper, Perspectives

Gratitude is the Gatekeeper we meet as we begin our journey to connect our minds and hearts.

What is the most powerful antidote for when we are feeling angry, afraid, overwhelmed, discourages or just simply stuck?

Gratitude is a powerful “gatekeeper” to our intuitive, whole-hearted mind. Gratitude opens our awareness to positive emotions and moves us toward feeling resourceful. When we begin to feel gratitude, our mind and heart are connecting. Many ancient spiritual practices and sages have said the longest journey is the distance between the mind and the heart.

Gratitude opens the door to us, to begin this powerful journey to deeper meaning and satisfaction in our lives.

“I’m tired of feeling afraid whenever I have to face a conflict! Can you help me with changing my fear into feeling I’m in the flow or the ‘zone’? How can I change my fear so I’m feeling able to handle it?”

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coach john shares ideas for navigating our inner and outer conflict. How we can, when we are feeling afraid or angry in the fact of conflict, take a useful first step. What is the initial footprint we can follow, into and then out through conflict energy?

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How do you find the courage to notice things to be grateful for, even if you are feeling angry or afraid?