Heart of Observation


It’s intuition that opens in the heart of observation.
“Can we choose who we want to be in the process of conversational change?”
Do you believe it’s a choice?
Is choice a sense of moving from fear to possibility to hope?
If we can choose, it opens a window of hope!

Reference to: Malcolm Gladwell’s new book David and Goliath
Also check out Malcolm Gladwell’s TED talk about David and Goliath, the unheard story.

SO how can observing with our heart awareness support new choices?

3:11 How do we get through a difficult situation?
How to we get to “OK, I have the power to choose how this is going to go for myself”?
Whole-hearted process is getting out of our heads. We have a lot of attachment to our thoughts.

4:40 Our heart is an energetic systems.
Scientific measurements and studies are revealing astounding findings.
Our intuition is connected to our heart. Heart awareness is a “yes” or “no” based on the intuitive energy the body sends the heart.

"Confusion starts when we go against what we know intuitively."

“Confusion starts when we go against what we know intuitively.”

5:52 Our body records the environment for our well being.
We make that decision even before we have words or awareness.

7:30 A sense of ourselves that we’re safe can be so valuable,
real acknowledgement, feeling heard and understood, when people really care enough to listen to us.

8:12 Just knowing we have the power to choose –
based on how our heart says “yes, this is right” or “no” and trusting.
How can we trust ourselves when there is so much going on out there?

What would we really want?

What would we really want?

9:33 The step in the 5 Step Process where we can tap into intuition and heart wisdom.
In the Observation step. Like stepping into the “control booth”, where we are not so caught up in what’s going on. We step back and observe. What would we really want? We our intuition as our heart of observation.

10:50 We have an intention that we set that allows us to create more choice, from the “control booth”.
People are magically enthralled when it arrives. Freedom to choose a direction we actually want, sometimes gives us what we really need.

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DO you trust your intuition? How does observing open choices to what you really want?

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