Ep. 4. Intention ~ Fear to Flow, Perspectives

Ep. 3. Gratitude ~ Our Gatekeeper, Perspectives
May 10, 2016
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Ep. 4. Intention ~ Fear to Flow, Perspectives

Intention shifts our state of mind, opens moving into flow state, from fear.

“How do I move from fear into flow?” We begin by setting an intention for the best possible outcome. Using our imagination and focusing on positive futures begins shifting our awareness, along with our brain chemistry.

“What is the best thing I can imagine happening here? Even if I’m not sure it’s possible? What is needed to everyone’s needs get met in this situation? Where might we get more ideas and inspirations?”

For many people just the thought of conflict situations and arguments can cause stress! Learning some basic ways to let go of instinctive fears and get into the ‘zone’ of being ‘in flow’ can give you a soft edge that can ease you through a conflict situation. When you get into the flow, new possibilities come to mind. You can think and listen clearly.

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coach john shares more of how to navigate everyday situations that hold conflict energy. Explore the clear underpinnings of the 5-step Conflict Evolution conversational change process. Last week the focus was gratitude. In this episode, the discussion focuses on the power of intention to begin moving into a state of awareness.

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Have you experienced a time where you determined to set a strong positive intention and got the result?