Ambassador and Champion Programs

Coaching Navigator’s Conflict Evolution Ambassador program

We are a growing community! The Ambassador’s program is a way to stay connected and to contribute to a greater humanity. Many of our graduates have inquired as to how they might support others in learning the proven skills and tools of dissolving conflict with Conflict Evolution. As a result, we are launching the Conflict Evolution Ambassador program. Conflict Evolution Ambassadors help spread the news of how our unique and proven Conflict Evolution process is changing lives, reducing stress and dissolving conflicts both in personal lives and in the business workplace.

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Coaching Navigator’s Conflict Evolution Champion program

We believe in a future of greater humanity. We offer our graduates the opportunity for on-going and in-depth training to continue their practice of Conflict Evolution. In appreciation of this opportunity, selected Champions volunteer to support new students in the trainings, particularly during our unique practice sessions.

Our Conflict Evolution Champions help us to serve the growing number of people who are choosing to learn and practice Conflict Evolution. Champions continue to use this conversational change process for dissolving conflict and reducing stress in their lives and in the lives of the people around them. Champions value the unique gift that Conflict Evolution conversation is bringing in reducing stress and increasing compassionate conversations in our community.

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