Mindful Coach Training

Become a Mindful Coach training programs:

Basic/Intermediate training (Modules 1-3): 67 hours of training, $3,600

Advanced training (Modules 4-5):
125 hours of training, $5,800

General program vision and goals

Our program offers a blend of coaching theory and practical exercises to help you develop a strong foundation that will allow you to build your coaching practice with courage and confidence. Our low teacher/student ratio ensures that you get timely, detailed and precise feedback during coaching practice sessions (triads). The teachers are also experienced coaches and will share from their practical experience.

Coaching skills are important in building strong teams and essential in times of change to calm anxieties and maintain employee engagement. Integrating these skills in your networks or organization will help to reduce stress and employee turnover as well as increase employee satisfaction and overall performance.

Mindful Coach Training
Mindful Coach Training

Coaching as a Career

As a coach, you can set your own hours, work from home or an office and choose who you work with. You can even choose your own hourly rate. It is a career with flexibility and challenge. A career that you can feel good about because you are helping others develop self-awareness and create more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

If you decide to become a full-time coach, you can continue to earn money in your current job as you transition to becoming a coach, or you can choose to remain in your current career with the added benefit of having coaching skills to help you navigate your organization or networks with more grace.

Number of student contact hours included in program

Modules 1-3: 65 hours
Modules 1-5: 130 hours

Coaching philosophy/model/approach

Lead instructors
John Sweetnam, PCC
Barb Pierce, PCC
John Sweetnam
Mindful Coach Training

Next Program Dates

Modules 1-3: January – June 2016
Lead instructor: John Sweetnam

Videoconference Based
Wednesdays 7-9 pm, January 2016 – September 2016
Lead instructor: Barb Pierce

Language(s) that are used in program delivery
All programs are delivered in English, however, we have instructors who can provide mentor coaching in French and English

Program Delivery
Coaching Navigator delivers programs both in-person and via videoconference

List of Classes and Learning Goals

Intended participants

This course is designed for anyone who uses coaching skills in their lives, including:

- Organizational development and HR professionals, counsellors, teachers, social workers or others who would like to use coaching skills in their work
- NLP practitioners who want to learn how to coach
- Business or sales managers who want to increase their leadership and enhance productivity
- Facilitators and conflict resolution specialists who want to learn the unique art of conversational change
- Parents who want to connect better with their children
- Managers who want to lead in a collaborative environment

Barb Ratan Jyothi Pierce chatting with Hyatt Sakin Make a Wish fundraiser Aug 23 2013
Mindful Coach Training

Requirements students must meet to enter the program

The only pre-requisites is a desire to help others. You must also be able to attend at least 90% of classes.

Policies on payment of tuition and fees, withdrawals and refunds

A $250 fee is due upon registration. In the event that the student withdraws, all funds will be reimbursed less the registration fee. Students can pay the entire fee upon registration, or can pay in monthly instalments. The instalment program includes a $20 administration fee per month of payments. If a student must withdraw from the program, s/he will be reimbursed for unused modules, less the $250 registration fee.