Mindful Listening

Story ~ Part of Being Human
June 30, 2016
Heart of Observation
July 13, 2016

John shares insights on the key difference between mindful listening and everyday listening. Making a space creates safety for the person speaking to feel deeply heard and to explore their own experiences of being alive.

Tip to shift into mindful listening.
A refinement of bringing awareness to notice the impulse to speak and add my experience to the story being shared. Take a breath, sit back and turn it into a simple question, to go deeper into connection.

Levels of connection
A benefit to both the listener and speaker. It feels safe to explore deeper into our unique experiences of being human, together. The body language of opening connection or closing connection is obvious when you notice it and watch for it as part of how you are listening with your eyes. It becomes obvious if the other person is feeling that you are receiving them.

The experience of truly being heard is a powerful gift we can give someone. Just listening.

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