Ep. 5. Practice ~ Stay in Process, Perspectives

Ep. 4. Intention ~ Fear to Flow, Perspectives
May 13, 2016
Ep. 6. Exploration ~ Say Yes to life, Perspectives
May 28, 2016
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Ep. 5. Practice ~ Stay in Process, Perspectives

Practice makes it easier to stay in the process

We practise the everyday art and science of staying in the process. With interactive support, you develop the skill of navigating and evolving a conflict. Seeing conflict energy situations as a process, makes it a flexible path.

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Just like learning to walk, it is a practice to learn this wholehearted communication skill. So we offer simple “footprints to follow” as you begin. Even in the “messy” learning-curve phase, students get results! The Conflict Evolution process creates safety as we stay in the uncomfortable unknow as we slow down to discover significant ideas and possibilities we might otherwise have missed in our rush to know and feel comfortable.

A do-able ‘structure’ that holds people and takes them from where they’re really stuck and out the other end to where they’re free. Evolving the experience of conflict energy.

Slow down the process of bringing awareness to the conflict energy. We use the flexible process to observe the story we are telling ourselves. It takes practice to think about conflict situations differently. The change is results is worth exploring!
The more we stay in the process the more likely we will discover powerful win-win choices and deepen our connection with ourselves and each other in our practice.

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Can you stay in the messy middle of not-knowing to open more possibilities?