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    Become a Coach Leader, One Conversation at a Time



    Many organizations are discovering the benefits of employing the coach approach to leadership. This approach is rapidly gaining in popularity because it allows leaders to connect more deeply with people of all ages and backgrounds. Leaders learn to communicate clearly in language that resonates with the listener. Most importantly, leaders learn to empower others through the artful use of setting agendas for discussions, asking powerful questions that promote learning, and by providing a safe place to take risks. If you already possess strong communications and inner awareness skills, this book will help you bring your leadership skills to the next level. If you are ready to hit the “reset” button, this book offers you new ways of thinking about communicating that will result in more authentic conversations and deeper, more satisfying relationships. In either case, Become a Coach Leader – One Conversation at a Time provides the knowledge and skills that can help you become the kind of leader and person that you want to be.


    In Become a Coach Leader, Barb Pierce combines thoughts and ideas from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Somatic Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry to create a useful resource for both the novice and expert coach. Each step or topic is clearly presented and supported by illustrative examples and/or suggested coaching questions, providing the reader with a very pragmatic approach to coaching. This book is a valuable addition to the personal libraries of coaches, managers, indeed anyone who coaches or supports others. – Roger Ellerton, PhD, CMC, author of seven books, including Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You

    After reviewing Barb Pierce’s new book, Become a Coach Leader-One Conversation at a Time, I can only say that it is a jewel.  From its clear, inviting design to the thoughtful organization to the many case examples, the book will obviously be helpful to anyone who ever needs to talk to other people and help them make changes.  It turns our usual way of solving problems into a simple process of getting positive results, both for others and ourselves.  It’s a must-read for managers, parents, health practitioners, teachers, bosses and anyone who has relationships! – Katherine Willow, Director, Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, Rural Ottawa

    Become a Coach Leader provides a clear and concise process and offers a set of skills that any leader or manager can use to empower and enhance the effectiveness of the people they lead. It provides practical dialogue examples, and sample questions to get started right away. Unlike other books on coaching, Become a Coach Leader focuses on supporting the whole person including the somatic aspects of leading that are often overlooked. Barb Pierce challenges us to try new ways of thinking about communication that will result in more authentic conversations, and more satisfying relationships, while achieving high performance and results. – Russell Hunter, National Director, Human Performance Institute Canada