Self-awareness is consciousness

November 11, 2016
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May 18, 2021
Self-awareness is consciousness
We are aware of ourselves, our feelings, etc. because we have a “conscious mind” in addition to an instinctual mind.On the other hand, dogs – while wonderful animals – operate only on instinct.They are not aware of themselves and their mortality.The conscious mind and the imagination are the primary difference between animals and humans…that’s why it is said we were made in the image of God.

It is in our imagination that we find the virtually unlimited creative ability that each and every one of us was gifted with.
We know, as a Quantum Science fact, that we can change the outcome of a quantum experiment dramatically, using just our observation.

But when humans watch or record the experiment, the electrons behave as particles… just like how the scientists imagined them to be.Just by watching, the scientist created a “quantum wave function collapse.” Where, rather than every possible outcome happening all at once, only one outcome happened.In other words, the electron – the smallest building block of our universe – exists only in a state of unlimited outcomes until it’s looked at.Once it is looked at, only one outcome exists.
The bottom line is that self-awareness is consciousness.
The science might be interesting. But the question is: how can this help you in your life right now…today?By summarizing the findings of several scientists, we find a stunning conclusion.The world around us and our conscious mind are indelibly LINKED at the microscopic (quantum) level.We can tell from Quantum Science experiments that through this link-up, our minds can influence the world around us.And because we control our conscious minds, we can intentionally exert influence and control on our world .
Offered with respect and gratitude
Coach John