The entrepreneurial mindset

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The entrepreneurial mindset

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

Simon Sinek

Back Story:

Many companies are struggling with the challenges of managing the combination of on-site and off-site workers. They simply do not have the leadership structure, time, or resources to keep up.

At COACHING NAVIGATOR, I have been helping to fill this gap by bringing specialized team leadership knowledge and enabling my clients to bridge the gap of on-site and off-site workers.

The role of a senior professional coach will often include sharing many unique skills learned along the way to becoming a great coach and leadership professional.

Typically, hiring a contract senior coach for a 6-month period will help you unify your work teams in this new way of interacting. It is more important than ever that your workers feel that their voice is being heard. that they are valued, and their efforts are acknowledged. The goal is that all stakeholders are involved and contributing to fully meeting the organizations short- and long-term goals.

Short term goals that on reflection I sense were achieved.

  • Identify and eliminate new [short term] roadblocks to increasing market share, managing costs, and achieving a real increase in overall profits.
  • Lead the integration of a new focus group to create long term flexibility and be agile in the changing marketplace and keep the needed profit margins moving forward.
  • This effort done without diverting key team members from doing the day-to-day work.
  • Assess key business areas to explore which sectors of activity could be expanded with current resources and those that are no longer viable and should be dropped.
  • Streamline internal communications to facilitate acknowledgement and feedback. This helps guide processes to success, free up time and results on greater focus on tasks.
  • Put an end to endless meetings that did not achieve the needed outcomes or were NOT needed.
  • Meetings can be divided into three categories: for information, for discussion, and for decisions.
  • Information should be exchanged in an email and yes discussions and decisions can be more efficient as meetings.

MIND HACK: Looking to efficiency

  • There is a difference between being productive and being efficient.
  • Productivity is doing more with the same, such as manufacturing more products with the same number of people.
  • Efficiency is doing the same with less, producing the same outcomes with fewer steps.
  • Companies want their people to be productive and their processes and systems to be efficient.
  • From an efficiency perspective, meetings to discuss a challenging issue or to make a decision are a good investment of time.
  • It is a better use of the team’s time to get them in a room together for 30 minutes to debate an issue or make a decision, than it is to send multiple emails seeking input, to read all the input, to synthesize the input, and then arrive at a decision which then needs to be disseminated. This can be done very successfully using ZOOM.
  • Decision-making meetings will also depend on alignment within the team.
  • It is important to make sure there is psychological safety so all will be heard, and this idea of safety and trust is paramount before introducing any strategy.
  • Meetings can also be effective for idea generation.
  • Brainstorming can be particularly productive in a meeting format because it provides a low-stakes opportunity for sharing new ideas, lets attendees iterate on each other’s contributions in real time.
  • Be intentional and over communicative when setting up a meeting to ensure that everyone arrives on the same page, with the necessary context, and aligned on goals.
  • A Professional coach /leader will allow for the most sensitive of topics to be shared with grace and respect of all present. It may be important to allow for confidentiality in some meetings