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Alani Galbraith

Owner, Holistic Life & Conflict Coach, Coaching Wayfinders

An Ontario native, Alani was born in Stratford, grew up in London, and earned her BSc. in Biology at the University of Waterloo, specializing in Botany and Environmental Studies.

Alani’s early experiences with research, laboratory studies, nature centres and park and trail guide planning was an early clue to her love of diversity and learning about life for varying perspectives.

From working with environment, Alani moved into connecting people who care about supporting community and family. One of her favourite memories was as Founding President of the Ottawa Chapter of the Waterloo Alumni Association. The other was as Managing Director for the Ottawa Chapters of Family Enterprise.

Alani is the current Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Sustainable Eastern Ontario, an umbrella organization that connects over 340 organizations and fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainable activities throughout Eastern Ontario.

In addition to her years in Environment and association management, Alani also brings over 20 years of experience as a holistic bodywork and energywork practitioner and trainer, as well as a spiritual and personal development student, teacher and facilitator. Alani provides a holistic foundation and innovative perspectives for her Life Coaching clients.

Her love of connecting with heart-centred people and innovative out-of the-box ideas is a natural fit for encouraging those looking to make changes in their lives. The path closest to Alani’s heart is the Hawaiian spirit of aloha and Huna because of its kindness, hope and deep spiritual connection to Nature and Life. As a seeker in the deeper meanings of Life, Alani and her husband Tom have traveled widely and studied with many teachers on many paths. They love to travel, learn and explore.

Contact Alani to discover what connections and innovations might be possible, please feel welcome to share a chat: or 613-818-7177